Tuesday, 4 February 2014

NFL Super Bowl XLVII Marketing - Microsoft vs Apple

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As I browsed through the ads that were slated to play in the breaks of the NFL Super Bowl 2014 it was hard not to notice a general theme.  Gone had the hard sell of 'product', and arrived in its place was the feel good ad.  

Two great examples are the Microsoft Super Bowl ad and the Apple 30 year ad, which whilst was not aired in a Super Bowl ad slot, has a similar and yet common theme.

These themes include: empowerment, social enablement, sharing in a connected world and seem a lot less about technology and more about what can be done with the technology.

Here up first the Microsoft Ad:  

And now the Apple Ad:

Apple was always about the "Why" of their business, as per Simon Sinek on the way that Apple communicates: "Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user friendly. We just happen to make great computers. Want to buy one?"

Has Microsoft also realised that they too need to find their "why" and to communicate this is in a selfless, responsible, social and empowering way?  

Great ad Microsoft - keep it up.

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