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Content Marketing : Content Catalogues

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Content marketing is a critical part of your marketing plan.  You should start with understanding and planning your content catalogue.  Here are some items you may want to consider for your content catalogue and a brief description of each.

Website content - As a minimum your website should include a home page, which is compelling and quickly tells your visitor what it is you do or offer and provides them with a reason to stay longer or take action.  Your website should also include a products or services page, a company page providing details about the company itself and of course a contact page with the different channels of contact that you offer.  An FAQ page can also be useful to provide quick answers to common questions you may field telephonically, online or in person.  A site map and a search page are essential tools that will provide access to content on your site and will help build relevancy.
It is important to also include all your aggregated content on your website, which could include your FaceBook social plugin, your twitter feed and your LinkedIn company news, allied with your news and press releases that you may be hosting on press office sites or other news feeds, YouTube feeds, links to your blog content and audio content.

This leads us to Press Releases - to gain valuable media attention you should write press releases to publicise newsworthy information about your company, your staff or your partnerships.  Your press release should include keywords that are relevant to your content strategy optimized for search engines and social media.

Content for Social Media - Your content on the social media channels should be conversational and should be posted to the channels that your are currently engaged on, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.  Your content should include status updates, links to your blog articles, YouTube videos and Podcasts. You should also engage in existing discussion groups and of course respond to the "listening" that you should be doing to ensure that you are not just engaging in a monologue but facilitating a dialogue between your fans, followers, members and other interested parties.

Blogging - This is a key medium through which you should be creating relevant content for your followers.  You should create content that is written in an informal conversational language, that is accessible and relevant to your target audience.  Once again your content should use the keywords that are defined in your content strategy.  Your blog entries should be distributed within your own organization and also promoted using the social media channels that you have in play.  The key to your blog is to keep content coming - however quality over quantity is an important principle to embrace.

Video Content - Search engines love videos that are relevant to the search results returned - YouTube users watch more than three billion clips daily (yes three billion !). Video content should be of a high quality and should reflect the organizations tone and image.  The videos should then be promoted, similarly to your blogs, using the social media channels that you have in play.

Audio Content - includes mediums such as Podcasts and recorded webinars (which could fall into your video category if they include video). Once again this content can be promoted using social media.

Finally, with the advent of the mobile era fast approaching the succession of desktop / notebook access, careful consideration should be given to how your content can be delivered effectively on a myriad of mobile form factors.

Once you have completed your content catalogue you can then utilise these channels in your content strategy in the knowledge that there will be a level of consistency in your cross channel execution.

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