Sunday, 29 April 2012

Nandos vs Santam - The Video Duel - RealTime

I don't think I recall in the history of advertising where two companies have sparred in public on YouTube in a tit-for-tat like fashion like we are seeing now with Santam and Nando's.

Its clever though as its most definitely increasing the value of both brands equity.

But anyway, for those of you that have heard of, seen some of, or haven't a clue what is going on then this blog post is for you.  

Contained in this post is the video chronology of this Santam vs Nando's advertising fight for supremacy.  Also includes the intro Santam ads which are for background.  You can skip video 1 and still be up to date ;)

I will keep adding the responses as they come up so to help people keep up / catch up if they are joining in late.

Enjoy -

The First Ad - Santam "The Real McCoy"

The Second Ad - Santam "The Real McCoy"

The Third Ad - Nando's Options - Nando's rips off Santam's ad.

The Fourth Ad - Santam vs Nando's - "Back at ya." - Santam comes back with a clever quip and a challenge.

The Fifth Ad - Nando's: talk to the hand - 

Nando's delivers on the challenge, and takes it further and beyond reach of any extension that could be dreamt up by Santam.  Nando's 2-1 up right now.

We are waiting for Santam's response.  I bet King James are working all hours right now.

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