Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Three Qualities of Truly Satisfying Work

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Q. What makes people want to go to work ?
Q. What drives passion in ones pursuit of our chosen vocation ?

These were some of the questions that I asked myself at the beginning of this year as I relaxed into a 2 week vacation from my work, or so I thought was a vacation from my work. The vacation allowed me to get some space in between the thoughts. Allowed my thoughts to become more strategic and less tactical and as a result facilitated some additional reading time, contemplation time and meditation time.  So I say a vacation from my work, however I quickly realised that my "work" is more to me than just a job, it is my vocation and my calling. 

One of the most interesting books I read during this time was Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers.
Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

I read this on my Kindle ( however you can also purchase this in paperback on-line or at major book stores.

The book has an amazing quote that defines the three qualities of truly satisfying work - the title of this article.

Gladwell claims the following:  

"Autonomy, complexity and a connection between effort and reward - are most people agree, the three qualities that work has to have if it is to be truly satisfying".

-Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers.

In my pursuit this year of trying to understand more about leadership, the passion of true excellence and motivation, both of myself and others, allied with a better understanding of myself in other areas (after all you cannot claim to help others before you have helped yourself) - I found this book to be an interesting and mind expanding horizon of ideas and I would recommend this as an essential read if you find yourself on a similar journey.

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