Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Passion is a Strong Driver for Leadership

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Passion is a strong driver in the world and people emerge as leaders because they discover that they have a skill or a calling, which they enjoy exercising and nurturing, whether it be consciously or unconsciously, and they soon discover that they can make a 'difference' which makes them feel good and in turn drives the passion. The formula is simple.

That 'difference' can take many forms.  Be it that they lead a Fortune 500 corporation, lead a body of people in a protest, lead a band, lead a household, lead a scout troop or lead their local community.  Leaders come in many shapes, forms and callings.

You can either decide to become a leader by deciding that you want to lead or you can naturally find yourself in such a position of leadership.

You don't require a permit, a certificate, or permission from anyone to be a leader.  This is something that many people struggle with.  Convention defines this concept through our history and experience. For example, in school you weren't allowed to stand up and lead the class, and at work convention defines that you cannot tell your boss what to do, however if you feel passionate about something all you need to do is stand up and lead.  Your voice and your passion are the only tools you need to start.

In 2012 I will explore this concept of leadership more; what makes a good leader, what qualities should a good leader have, what types of leadership style are there.

From my own personal perspective, I have a passion for this knowledge, I wish to lead this subject in terms of sharing my thoughts and ideas.  It's as simple as that.

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