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Social Business Play Book - Chapter 3 - [Corporate] Social Media @ Intervate // FaceBook

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This is an article that was written recently for the business I am in, but the principles can be transposed to any business seeking to take the first steps to transformng to being a social business.

Of all the social media platforms discussed in this “[Corporate] Social Media @ Intervate //” series, I expect this one to the be the most ubiquitous amongst the Intervate community.  It’s a big assumption to assume that everyone at Intervate is on Facebook, but one nevertheless I think I am willing to make.
Facebook is the second most popular site in the world coming second only to A recent June 2011 research report stated that in the UK, Facebook accounted for 16% of all online time, with Google sites accounting for 11%.  

The emergence of Facebook as a social platform to support business, especially in the mainly business-to-consumer fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry’s has been written about endlessly over the last few years and brands such as Coke, Nike, Sony and others have all created Facebook Pages to extend the marketing mix into the Facebook foray.  On the professional services and business-to-business fronts the uptake has been slower but nevertheless many companies are now catching up and capitalising on this fantastic medium.

Intervate on Facebook

At Intervate we are one those companies that has taken the first step – we have created an Intervate Facebook page that is maintained and populated with a variety of information.  We are currently in our version 1.0 and there is still some progress to be made on developing the site to its full potential, but the departure point is to create awareness and followers for our messages and marketing and to also work towards improving the communication internally between Intervate.

So let’s just take a step back and challenge our assumption relevant to the Intervate presence – if you haven’t clicked “LIKE” on Intervate’s page yet – here is your chance to redeem yourself -

Go on click- “ Like’

We currently have around 90 people ‘liking’ our page – so I am expecting that after this article is published we can up that number into the 100’s space.

As you have seen through this series of articles we have a number of mediums for information dissemination and “conversations” with our staff, customers, community and stakeholders – but Facebook will be playing a special part in that mix.  Facebook should represent the

VALUES of Intervate:  PassionInnovationExcellence with a mashup of the
CULTURE of ‘work hard play hard’ and a dash of ‘anything’s possible’…

Our Facebook page is an open page – therefore anyone can “Like” our page and therefore follow our messaging through their own ‘wall’ or from simply visiting the Intervate page. Followers can also post and comment on the Intervate wall.

We encourage you to participate on this medium with information that is fun, informative, educational, interesting or just otherwise noteworthy. 

You will see that there are various albums of photographs from events that Intervate has organised, both internally for the staff and also events for the business.  Intervate is keen to show of its culture through this medium and therefore welcome the interaction and engagement.

Common sense prevails when it comes to posting pictures of staff members that could be construed as compromising, funny is one thing, but a little common sense as with all social media solutions that represent the company should be considered.  The examples provided in the Twitter article will no doubt apply to this medium the same, if you don’t remember these take a look back to refresh your memory if need be.

Unlike the other mediums that we have covered in this series – I don’t see the need to educate people on the use of Facebook, not only because I believe that most people use it, but also because I think it’s one of the most intuitive social media platforms around today.

As our Facebook following expands we will look to capitalise more on the medium, however it is clear from the statistics so far that Intervate’s focus can be better leveraged at LinkedIn and Twitter in the short term.

This is a new medium and our knowledge on this and how we can use within the business grows daily.

If you have any ideas or you have seen other Facebook pages that you think are cool or that work well then please let us know so that we can learn from these examples and develop our social media / social business strategy.

Here are just a few key takeaway thoughts:

  • If you haven’t “Liked” the Intervate page – do it now – support your company.

  • If you have something fun, interesting, educational or informative about Intervate or something that is relevant – then post it.

  • Enjoy your Company’s Facebook page and engage in the online culture of Intervate. 

Next up - Read all about Twitter in my next post.
    Thanks for reading my article - if you liked it or found it useful, please click the FaceBook Like or Tweet/ReTweet my post if you are on twitter, so that others may enjoy and benefit from it.  Thanks for your support.

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