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Social Business Play Book - Chapter 1 - The Social Business Introduction

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‘Social Media’ is not just for the geeks, the ‘Generation Y’ or the ‘Generation iY’, social media is ubiquitous in our day-to-day lives across the generations.  Some of the largest brands rely upon social media for their marketing including Coke, Nike and Starbucks, but it’s not just consumer brands that are being marketed with social media, b-2-b brands including Dell, IBM, Cisco and Microsoft also capitalise on the latest trends in this space.

Most companies have dipped their toe into the vast ocean that is social media and may take their time to rival the bigger technology brands and have a team of corporate social media’ites in their ranks – but the key is to make a positive start, beginning with yourselves.

Why Social Media – it’s the fastest growing media in the history of the world.  Think about it.  It took television 38 years to reach 150 Million people and FaceBook did it in 5 !

Most brands and methods in the social media space grow through followers.  A critical mass of followers exponentially grows your network through the concept of viral marketing and from there the word spreads and further builds your brand and your followers and so on.  

To start with a critical mass is the hardest part.  The bigger the base you work from the bigger the sprawling network you have access to.  This is where YOU come in, with your existing networks.

As employees of a company, you most likely have a FaceBook account, a LinkedIn account, possibly a twitter account, a blog, a tumblr account… etc. There are many, many more but these are the key tools. Within each of these accounts you most likely have a number of followers – it is accepted that most of these in the spaces such as FaceBook and possibly your blog are more personal than work related, but that’s ok as well.  So you can see already that you have a vast potential gathering in the social media space which can be harnessed for the benefit of the company… and ultimately yourselves.

The idea of this blog article and the subsequent in the this set is to introduce the different types of 'corporate' social media that most companies are involved in and show how, if you are willing, you can participate in helping your company grow and build its brand to your network, your networks network and so on.

Twitter is estimated to have 225 Million users generating 65 Million tweets a day.

Through the follow up articles we will discuss the different corporate social media feeds that most companies have embraced, including FaceBook, LinkedIn and twitter and show to you all how you can get involved and help ‘your’ business grow.

The future of corporate social media is about communication –two-way communication.  We hope to create a dialogue with our followers and to create the trusted network that research shows helps businesses grow (Edelman - Trust Research 2010).  Through the dialogue, we can also listen.  Listening to our customers gives us the power to improve and what we learn from our customers helps us to be a better company. 

Corporate social media is an amazing toolset, it’s here now, it’s probably going to be here for a while in different forms, and to become early adopters and thought leaders through immersion and engagement is one way that we can differentiate yourselves in the market.

The idea of this "Social Business Play Book" has been bourne from the concept that I have written these articles specifically for the business I am in  - through writing these series of guides I realised that after sending it to a number of people for comment, they started asking if they could use the content.  The original content as I say, was specific to my business and therefore whilst we are using it internally I have now also created a more generic set of arcticles that other businesses may take and use for thier own social business strategy.

I ask that if you do use this you just credit this blog as the source.

Next Up - how to use LinkedIn and how this can benefit business.
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