Sunday, 27 February 2011

FaceBook Email - They have done it...get yours

Facebook has finally become the only Web 2.0 social media tool you need to run your life !

They have just added email.  So I have just logged into facebook, wandered over to my messages to find that I can turn on  So I turn it on, pop over to Gmail, and send myself an email. Why? I dont know because we all know its going to arrive, but its just that seeing is believing thing inside me. - another email address - but I quite like it.
And predicted, there sits my email from myself, to me, at Facebook.

Why do I need Gmail ?

Well ok, thats a big step as Gmail does a whole lot more than just receive and allow you to send email; Do "I" use it all, well no....but I am sure lots of people do...Hmmm not so sure.  I think Facebook just took the last decades' killer app and just made it better.

Ok so what do I mean by all this, just look at it - 

Facebook gives you social networking, its pretty much defined the concept of social networking: the concept where we look at a stream of information and pick on the parts that interest us; 

It gives you a nice new zany Picture Library and viewer.  Ooh that viewer is cute eh.  For someone who has invested a lot of time in Flickr, I have been tempted by the new Facebook image viewer.  Hmmm slick; 

It gives you events - not a feature I am really into but it kinda hit me when someone I know, advertised their birthday party via it...hmm I feel like I took a while to catch on there , but I got it now;

OK here's a great one - birthday reminders - do you know how many birthdays I now remember !  OMG, did it really take a fully automated, autonomous solution to find me a way to remember friends' birthdays, er "Hello".

And so the list goes on...oh wait, did I mention video - YouTube...who ?  Yep, really why do we need other social media tools when we have Facebook - I mean where else can you get FarmVille....

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