Monday, 25 October 2010

Amazon Kindle Will Let You Lend Your eBooks

Amazon's Kindle Team announced on Friday that it plans to make lending for Kindle available "soon". The feature will allow you to loan your Kindle books to other Kindle devices or Kindle app users for a two-week period. This announcement brings to the Kindle one of the key features touted by the Barnes & Noble Nook: the ability to loan out your eBooks.
 But there are restrictions, of course.
But with Whisper Sync, you can already sync (books, only currently, periodicals and newspaper to come soon) between all “Your own” devices, which sit within the same Amazon Kindle account. So in theory, your family could share books already.  

But ok if they let you extend that to other people then that’s great, but who came up with 2 weeks!  I agree if you are an avid reader then 2 weeks is probably adequate, but if you get caught up and the exceed 2 weeks are they going to block you from “lending” that book to the same user again ?  
You also can't, as the lender read that book during the 2 week lending period.  No great issue there I guess.
Ok Amazon, we need more details on how this will work, but at least it heads of the competition from the Nook ;)

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