Friday, 19 October 2007

A while away seems like an enternity in technology

Its been a while but I am back.

My facebook craze has worn thin, i have a bunch of friends sending me "drinks", odd "questions" and reminiscing about how they know me. Its fun, I guess, but its not something that would keep me engaged for hours. I am the kind of person who plays with a new toy and then gets bored - i am looking for the next new thing when everyone else is still playing with the current one.

I find facebook a little too hard work and the fact that people keep sending you crazy stuff to do with it like answering questions, surveys and loads else it ends up becoming an annoyance. Maybe thats just me as it seems that the growing trend is that the facebook community is growing and growing and growing.

But what I want to know is what is "poking" - what does it do and what purpose does it serve. Even FaceBooks' FAQ says, " Dont ask what poking is !".

The folks over at the DigitalPhocus blog, which chats about the business of the Web, raised the issue of choosing between friends and colleagues on Facebook. It made me stop and think... Linked In, a popular social networking sites for professionals is the preferred place to network with colleagues and business associates. MySpace has long been the site for friends and family. But Facebook blurs the line - you've got bosses, work friends and business contacts as well as your poker buddies, your neighbours and distant cousins all connected on Facebook.

Do you really want your business contacts flipping through the photo gallery of pics from your family vacation in Mozambique? Is this even a problem? What do you think?