Monday, 9 July 2007

design or not to design

Ok so I took a look at Flickr the other day, finally got around to creating an account and had a snoop around by adding a few pics and playing around. Is it me or have all the latest sucessful web 2.0 tools been "un-designed". I mean has the era of design on the internet come full circle? Is it cool to have designed your own website and/or blog and/or web 2.0 application in Paint Brush ?

Ok so maybe Paint Brush is pushing the point too far - but you know what I mean eh ? The concept may be that less is more, understated is in, over-designed is out? At least I look at all the latest tools and they are all blue, they are all designed with simple naviagtions including lots of white space and hardly a custom graphic in site.

Is this the latest approach, it seems to work, less IS more.

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