Monday, 9 July 2007

facebook...are you bored yet?

So after playing with Facebook for about a week or two, adding some friends, adding a few playful apps, including of course the essential Dilbert strip, I am now sitting here thinking "ok, what next".

Once you have set it up and played a bit and updated it, its just another tool to improve you ailing ability to remain in touch with your friends. Maybe I am just an ADD child or something but I am getting bored very quickly.

Some people of course seem to be habitual FB users or some may even say abusers depending on whether they are employees or employers. Its funny as we have had a few firms asking us to start blocking these sites because staff spend thier entire day just "playing". Well if its not FB it will be soemthing else and you cant block the entire internet....or can you?

So whats next ? We seem to have taken the internet to the limit. Or have we? What is left to do with social interaction, we can chat, we can email, we can post stories,we can share pictures, we can share videos, we can share our files we can share our favourites we can even share our music. What else do we want to share, our processors, yep you can do that, your monitor, ok now you are getting obscure. But really, is there anything left to do ?

design or not to design

Ok so I took a look at Flickr the other day, finally got around to creating an account and had a snoop around by adding a few pics and playing around. Is it me or have all the latest sucessful web 2.0 tools been "un-designed". I mean has the era of design on the internet come full circle? Is it cool to have designed your own website and/or blog and/or web 2.0 application in Paint Brush ?

Ok so maybe Paint Brush is pushing the point too far - but you know what I mean eh ? The concept may be that less is more, understated is in, over-designed is out? At least I look at all the latest tools and they are all blue, they are all designed with simple naviagtions including lots of white space and hardly a custom graphic in site.

Is this the latest approach, it seems to work, less IS more.