Sunday, 17 June 2007

WEB 2.0 - The Top 10

ok so here's the deal. How many of you can actually say that you have played with all top 10 of the Web 2.0 tools on the net today ?

Not many eh? Well I have decided that in order to be a reference for this type of medium in my career and in general I am going to create an account on all of the current top 10.

ok so thats:

You Tube, have an account, but havent posted anything yet....chicken!
My Space, have a space, but its sooo bad, must work on making it pretty, but I must say I dont reall dig this one.
Orkut - who ?
Wikapedia - more on this later - what a resource eh.
Hi5 - havent the foggiest, will check out next.
Facebook - Have an account, find me there. I am busy creating my profile.
FotoLog - Hmm new one on me
Friendster - another newie
Flickr - know of this one - but havent an account or played there yet.
Daily motion - what ?

So my work is cut out, within a month I will have an account on each and will have interacted on them all. Where am I going to find the time, wow it all takes sooooo much time. ;)

Bill Gates - inspiration, visionary, worlds greatest philanthroist

There are few men in the world who have affected our modern lives in more ways than Bill Gates. If you are reading this chances are you are reading this article on a PC powered by his software and possibly even powered by his browser (unless you are a Mac fan, which is then the other inspirational visionary in the world of technology - Steve Jobs).

I cam across this awesome article in my copy of Time Magazine this week, the link here is the onlnie article:,9171,1630564,00.html

Now whilst he is not directly responsible for Web 2.0, where would we be if this man had not started his work way back in the 70's when computers were considered the main stay of nerds.

Bill, by his own admission doesn't have the charisma or the social charm of the people skills that Steve Jobs possesses but he has led us all to the develop the concepts of Web 2.0 into a community of tools and services, using the building blocks available to us to help us to connect to people around the planet.