Saturday, 19 May 2007

The Power of Web 2.0

Check this out:

Blog 0.1

Ok so its a rainy day and finally I am sitting down to do what I have been putting off to do for some while now, build a blog to share my views on the industry that I work in and more specifically on the web 2.0 phenomen that everyone is on a buzz about, but actually seems to be poorly understood, by the masses.

Don't get me wrong, I am not claiming to be an all knowing, all seeing guru in this space...just yet. But through this blog I will explore what can be done and the new tools that are emerging and how we can use them in our lives.

Most web 2.0 tools rely on not just us but our friends also to get involved - its more fun when you are interacting with your friends as it makes the expereince more real, obviously interacting with the odd guatemalan sheep herder may also be a deeply satisfying experience too, but hey, each to thier own.

Stay tuned, there is so much to learn, join me on this journey.